Monday, April 6, 2009

The Journey Begins

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his
- George Patton

Months have gone by since I started playing Eve. Resources have been gathered, and the motivation to make a difference in the universe is starting to show. Once a player that would get aggitated over a loss, has 'blossomed' to a rather cold-hearted person who seems to have lost a significant human factor ; empathy.

The transformation of the once young and naive player who never went to low security systems, started a few months back when a small OP was deployed to sweep the Old Man Star -> Ouelletta area. A cyclone was found, idling in a belt with no apparent backup. Halsoy was his name, an experienced pilot who fought brave while being swarmed by three assault frigates and an frigate. (The last minutes you can see how the fight developed)

Excited by the result, that a few frigates could take out such a big ship, I sought to find other challenges. During my former corp's OPs to low sec in the Old Man Star -> Ouelleta , through Hevrice, we were adviced to avoid The Tuskers. Their reputation of ruthlessness, though strictly abiding the Tusker Code, I deliberately roamed around the the area to engage one of them. Eventually i did, in Old Man Star.

Wensley was his name, flying a rifter while i was going after him in my Thorax. There was no doubt that he was chasing me. We eventually got tired of jumping in and out of belts, so we arranged a PvP session. I had met many friends and foes in low security systems before that, and i would always get overwhelmed by people who never held their word. However, Wensley and his Tusker friends seemed genuine.

Without any interuptions we locked and loaded, flying head on each other. My shields went quickly down, hoping that my armor would stay up as long as possible. I had previously invested in a few warrior II's, which seemed to hit Wensley's rifter harder than i thought. After a minute or two his ship exploded. I was stunned how much a damage a rifter could do to my Thorax.

This is how my solo adventures in low security systems started. Today I am one of them. Tomorrow you might also.


  1. I like it!
    Look forward to reading more mate :)

  2. Thanks :) Going to try feed this blog with pictures and videos as time goes by. Visuals ftw!

  3. Excellent account, PreZ. That was a good fight. I was sure you had Hammerheads out when I was stalking you :(

    Looking forward to more.

  4. Hey I'm in the one who who caught the cyclone in the video! I preserve it within the infinite depths of my bottomless heart :) Especially for the awesome gang I was with at the time...

    I look forward to reading more of your blog... and avoidance of tuskers was due to lack of firepower in gang to gang combat since as you may know, many of us were inexperienced and were just dipping toes in the pool of low sec... :) We once managed to engage them.. as our gang's firepower, numbers, and experience grew. We lost a Caracal, a Thorax, and an Incursus, but we took out a Harbinger, a Rupture, and a sentinel... We lost the field as the Myrmidon came and I believe Joc brought another Harbinger. Victory or not, it was awesome... I never saw comments in the tusker KB (as I always happily check them when we engage them), but oh well.. I'll never forget that moment :) You were absent that day, though!

    Remember the time in Old Man Star when we took my Ishkur and your Incursus? We chased a Thorax that baited us to a planet, as we engaged an Ishtar, another Thorax, and an Ishkur came to its rescue? We took down the bait at the expense of our ships, but I believe that was our actual first engagement in low sec together :)

    I remember helping that noobish character named Prez in the arkii channel do his lvl 3's in that big ol' Megathron of his :) Now how time has gone by, and how many great events have taken place.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog Prez. I hope to keep updated on your adventures and I hope to keep on seeing tremendous growth and success... I won't let you outdo me!

    I'm happy to have had you as a corpmate... and you know I'll hunt you down if you leave the arkii channel, you're pinned there! :P

  5. So you've joined the online exhibitionists ranks. Feelin' sorry for ya ;D