Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When the going gets tough....

....you end up getting podded by Federal Freight NPCs!

More of that a bit later.

Last night wasn't the most exciting night ever, but it did generate alot of interesting ways of doing piracy. Due to lack of potential targets in the nearby systems of Hevrice, i decided to just idle at the station for a while. I randomly checked the belts, instead of scanning like i am used to do. I knew there was a Celestis out there ratting. Eventually i found him, and got him pinned down pretty fast. His setup seemed like a hybrid of a miner and a missile boat. :)

He didnt get his hobgoblins I's out before i was halfway down into his armor. I knew i'd be dead if he was a more experienced pilot. Lately i've been having alot of luck in incursus vs cruiser fights, whereas my frigate vs frigate fights tend to end in loss (if i recall correct my frig vs cruiser stats last week was 12/3, while my frig stats were 10/15).

After this kill I had a dry period with no targets for hours! I think most of The Tuskers felt the same way, untill Ronan advised us to go down to Mongolot (or mengelot, cant remember what it was called) to kill a horde of noobs who was allegedly there. Didnt take long before i found myself in the system, which by the way couldn't be more empty! Same thing for the nearby systems.

Since most of us rushed down to the system to kill the wee buggers, we decided to do a small OP instead of solo'ing. Someone found a Moa, and suddenly i witnessed my first EVE hijack :) We chased the Moa two systems, thinking that he would jump to high sec as it seemed like he knew he was being chased. He eventually did a horrible mistake by jumping to a planet with me right behind him. I got a point on him, and my fellow Tuskers came ten-fiftheen seconds later. He didnt have much chance, so he decided to eject out of the moa, leaving a half-damaged cruiser up for grabs. Cheers for that :)

Not long after that we ganked a Mammoth that was transporting valuable items to the corp's pos. We got his stuff and demanded a ransom for it, as long he didn't jump into the system before he paid up. Too bad for him that he jumped into the system, then paid too late. For those who may encounter us in a ransom situation, following instructions is vital. Cynical yes, but we are pirates after all.

So now to the random stuff: Today Egrat and I was hanging around in Hevrice when a Rupture jumped in. I got him pinned down to an asteroid belt, and got point on him. Didnt seem like the
most experienced pilot, as his rockets barely got half my armor. However, i'm glad Egrat was there to finish him off. His loadout seemed like a typical ratting fit.

Due to the global criminal countdown i got from attacking the rapture, i got most of his loot and warped to a safe spot. I stayed there for a few minutes, untill i felt hungry and wanted some food. So i completely forgot about my criminal countdown, and warped to HQ. I witnessed my shield, armor, hull go down within a second without bothering to attempt escaping. I was screwed anyway.

Next thing i know I'm inside a station, wondering if i accidently clicked the dock button. No. I got podded! I checked the combat log, but there's no sign of a pod mail. What is going on?! Im in Luminaire system, and Secure Commerce Commision are laghing at me by offering me a Velator for the loss. Implants gone, Hardwire gear too. I'm a NPC pod-victim! Instant petition!


  1. NPC podding? Merciless!

  2. They seem to have upgraded them during the patch!

  3. Reminds me of when pitch tested his webifier on me, death in 2 secs haha. Great adventures :)

  4. There was noobs when I was there! And it's Mormelot =P
    You have a nice way of rolling along recounting this whole series of happenings sorta short and sweet, makes for good reading!

  5. sry for double post but omfg and I just saw your banner, NICE LOL!

  6. Ouch. Never got podded by NPCs, but I have one loss where the Bank of Luminaire got on the KM somehow. I guess they upgraded since then?