Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to make EVE a little more interesting

I'm not in the position to say i know how much EVE has changed from the beginning back in 2003. With the current CSM election going where i supported the candidate that put the pirate role up on the agenda, i still felt that the candidates were being too serious for my taste. As a result i will be running as a CSM candidate next year (if there is an election), with the following genius and cunning masterplan:

* There will be blood, and there will be a raffle: CCP provides the service of hosting a raffle that all players below -4.5 sec status are able to join. The grand prize is 10 minutes worth of high sec adventuring with no NPC interveening.

* The sticky bomb: This is a new edition i think i've been inspired by TF2/Buzz , and it can work in EVE as well. The whole idea is basically a device that fires a sticky bomb from a distance (200 km or less) that works as a "tag, you're it", making a ship explode if it does not engage another player or NPC rat within 5 minutes.

* The mirror: Pirates can deploy a fake warpgate in a chosen system, resulting in a duplication of the original warpgate. This fake gate will have a price tag between 50-75 mill ISK, and will only last for one hour. Perfect for camping.

* Ads on your ship: Who doesn't want to be sponsored while you play pointless games. Your burgers are fail, but i'll take your money McDonald's!

* The McLuvin: Remember the leisure suit larry games where you had to pass an "how old are you?"-test before you could play a middle aged man whose only goal was to pick up women? Well, how about an age test you have to pass before you can jump into high sec? Certainly will make those tight situations even worse.

* Climb under your rock: Asteriods have docking bays! You will always see the belt, and can quickly undock if you see a potential fight.

This strategy is fail proof for the next election. If you have any other ideas provide them and i will definately implement them.

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  1. Haha! i like them all except for the Stargate and asteroid ideas.
    Fake stargates would be a bit strange with people who are familiar with their home systems, and a little off putting i think.
    Climbing under asteroid rocks hasboth an advantage and disadvantage which counters each other :P. We as pirates can hide, but so can the miners and carebears!

    The sticky bomb idea is sheer genius though! I can see tha being super fun, perhaps have a full system lockdown for an hour and all ships inside are forced to stay on the move, no safespotting etc >:D