Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 lessons I've learned.

It's been a while since i got podded by NPCs, so it's time to bring out the wonderous experiences of a plunderer to my plebs. I have plenty of video takes i've yet to compile to something visually stunning, but i hope you can accept my apologies for being late. Hopefully you have encountered me in your journeys to low sec, and found out that you also want to be a red line in other people's overview. The last weeks/month i've been doing alot of solo roaming to learn from my surroundings in the Verge Vendor area, and I've come across some really interesting tips i could have known if i'd only ask my fellow corp mates. My first lesson i bring to thee is regarding a certain system in/close to Verge Vendor in form of a short and cute tale:

"Once upon a time in Old Man Star you got owned. And you will continue to be. The end".

Remember Baz Luhrmann's song "Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)" ? Well, that's sort of the way i'd like you to read this: Don't go to Old Man Star!. Especially when there's russians there. You might already have concluded that i'm not too fond of the trenchcoat mafias, but that's not right. They are indeed funny and nice people. However, their ganks are not. Lesson 1 learned.

On my journey i've come to learn that people sometimes are stupid. Unfortunately, i'm currently top ranked in that league. Stations will not warp off even if you scramble them. My stupidity aside, i have also done what most less experienced pirates do. Go for the easy preys. One thing i've witnessed is that the beginners usually warp to the first belt, and the semi-newbies thinks it's safe to warp to the last belt. This has happened to me three times the last two weeks. It could be a coincidence, but it's still an interesting find in the study of carebear-behaviour. Lesson 2 learned.

Remember to rename your ship. You don't really have to change your ships name to something extremely frightning like "killer" or "exterminator" all the time. Look in your local, and depending on your ship type/class, rename it to another player's name. For instance, if you have two other pirates going after easy preys and they don't know your ship type or name, just find a suitable newbie in local and rename it "Father Ted's Thorax" (If there's a person with that name in the system). Perfect solo bait. Lesson 3 learned.

PS: On a side note, yours truly and 3 fellow corp mates managed to ransom a megathron today, board his ship and safely escort it to our HQ. (Cheers for that Caster Rom). Value the situations you are in when there are beginners in the system, they usually go for the "bigger is better"-syndrome most of us are out of. It actually pains me to see this, but as a pirate you have forget the heart and think with your brain. Piracy isn't cheap when you go solo.

Hope this wasn't a huge bore for you, and i'll keep posting my experiences when i learn something new.


  1. lol Good old OMS.

    I like the 3rd lesson there - i'm going to try and do that more i think, hopefully lure some more fights.

  2. Hehe, it actually works really well Caster. I've done it a few times and surprisingly many people take the bait.